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For those of you who love the cold winter weather and the sports and activities associated with the season, you should definitely look into visiting the Rideau Canal Ice Rink in downtown Ontario. Around 20,000 beginner and advanced skaters visit the canal each winter, which is able to skate typically between January and February only.

Here’s a few quick tidbits about the world’s largest natural ice skating rink:

It’s the size of 90 Olympic rinks combined

It can only open once the river has frozen over 12 inches thick

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There’s no shortage of cafes, shops, and fire pits lining the canal throughout your ride

It’s the site of the weeks-long February Winterlude festival, celebrating all things ice

It’s the perfect spot to indulge in a “Beaver Trail,” or a deep-fried cinnamon sugar pastry, a Canadian staple since 1978