The Texas Central Train Will Take You From Houston to Dallas in 90 Minutes!

The United States of America is a region that has lagged behind the rest of the Western World when it comes to train travel in recent decades. While Amtrak was once a widely-used and profitable company that transported travelers throughout the country, it has now largely been replaced by flights and car travel.

One project in Texas is planning to put a small dent in this trend, however. Its name is the Texas Central Railway, and its plan is to develop a high-speed train connection between the major cities of Dallas and Houston that will reduce vehicle traffic between these two major cities.

This project would link the two cities in a matter of only an hour and a half, providing a great opportunity for tourists and residents of Texas alike to make a quick trip between Houston and Dallas, two places that are definitely worth visiting.

While construction has not yet begun on the line, which plans to operate at nearly 200 miles per hour, steps are currently being made for the plan’s execution. A bid from the Spanish rail company RENFE was recently accepted, meaning that the construction of this project should begin soon.

This will make the Texas Central Train the first high-speed rail line in the United States, providing a unique chance to travel in speed between these two cities and experience something that we could once only dream of.