The Most Creative Things You Can See in Stockholm

Sunway station in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Over time, Sweden has become one of the most innovative and creative countries in the world. Its capital Stockholm is an amazing example of this and here are some very creative things you can see in the city.

Sustainable Fashion

There are plenty of green fashion stores and startups around the city. They focus on using recycled materials, selling used and vintage clothes, creating new designs with old things, etc.

Subway Art

Numerous artists were involved in giving the city’s subway system a makeover and it’s today known as the world’s longest art gallery. Public transport has never looked this good!


It’s possible to explore the city on e-bikes and to follow your own routes without any limitations. If you want, you can follow the routes created by locals that you can find in a dedicated app.

Science Museums

Wonderful museums, such as the Nobel Prize Museum, can help you get creative and inspire you to explore the world around you. It’s difficult to imagine them so a visit is your best option.