The Magic of Sports Can Go With You When You Travel

Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash

For people who follow sports, or regularly attend matches, being away on a trip or a holiday can be a conflicting experience. What might help with the feeling of missing out is visiting iconic sports spots and learning about sports history and about new forms of sport played around the world.

Tokyo, Japan

It may be surprising to some to think of Japan as a meaningful destination for sports travel but the capital is home to some international-class venues for rugby, baseball, and of course an Olympic Stadium.

Sydney, Australia

Learn about the fierce local attraction of Aussie Rules football and visit spots where the 2000 Olympic Games took place.

Toronto, Canada

Visit the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame to learn about Canada’s favorite sport, ice hockey. Toronto is considered the world capital of hockey so this is certainly a desirable destination if you’re into team sports.

Dublin, Ireland

Home of the sports of Hurling and Gaelic Football, ancient contact sports that mix baseball with lacrosse and hockey. Fierce.

London, UK

This capital is a central hub of many popular tournaments with Wembley (soccer), Wimbledon (tennis), and The World Rugby Museum in Twickenham.

Barcelona, Spain

Obviously, a must-visit to Camp Nou, Europe’s largest soccer stadium.

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