The Island of Tahiti is a True Paradise

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Tahiti is an island a lot of people have heard of, but don’t really know anything about. It is actually the largest island in French Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and has so much to offer, including a very interesting history, such as being the birthplace of the practice of tattooing!

People love going to Tahiti because there are so many things to explore on the island that you could never see anywhere else, so if you want to go to a remote part of the world and be blown away, Tahiti is just right for you.

What to Do

Since Tahiti is an island, it’s obvious that there will be many beaches for you to enjoy. However, contrary to what you might think, seeing a white sandy beach on the island is super rare! If you want to see one of the best and only white-sand beaches, La Plage de Maui is the place to go.

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The reason why it’s so difficult to find white-sand beaches on the island is that the island has 2 extinct volcanos, and when they were active, the lava that flowed from them and then cooled in the ocean turned to ash, creating black sand.

The majority of the beaches on Tahiti are beautiful and black, and one of the best ones to visit is Taharuu Beach, where you can safely swim and will have plenty of space to spread out.

In the capital of Papeete, there is much to do. But, one great way to see the authentic Tahitian culture at play is to visit the Papeete market. There you will find local artisans selling crafts, fruit and produce vendors that have items you might have never seen or heard of before, and more. This is a great place to get some souvenirs as well for friends and family back home.

If you’re seriously into hiking and camping, you have to visit Mount Aorai. This is the second tallest peak on the island, and while the trails are straightforward and not so difficult, it will take you about 2 full days to get to the top. The best times of the year to do the trek is anytime between June to September, and even though it’s a little bit of a commitment, once you get to the top, it’ll all be worth it.

There’s nothing like walking around a botanical garden, and the one in Tahiti is beyond anything you’ve ever seen. It’s next to the Gaugin Museum, which is another great place to visit! But the botanical garden is really something special because so many unique plants are able to grow in the tropical climate.

What to Eat

Eating in Tahiti is a real treat, especially for seafood lovers. The national dish is called poisson cru, which is basically a ceviche, but uses coconut milk along with citrus juice to create this lovely raw fish dish.

Poe is a traditional Tahitian dessert made from taro, a starchy root vegetable, cooked in coconut milk, and tastes almost like bread pudding! It’s very popular all over French Polynesia, but is made different in Tahiti.