The Coolest and Quirkiest Pubs in London

England’s known for having the best pubs, but some of the most special ones are less known, basement bars that are often themed. Each of the pubs has a unique character and some are just weird. Be sure to grab a beer at these places the next time you visit London.

The SchoolHouse

Head back to your school days at Battersea’s The Schoolhouse. The staff wear school uniforms, there’s a confiscated list of craft beers and cocktails that were made in the science lab, and enough nostalgia to keep you busy for hours.


Head back to 1920s Chicago at Barts and enjoy illicit cocktails. London’s first speakeasy located on Sloane Avenue has a secret cocktail menu filled with hidden within works of literature. They even host Murder Mystery Events and Prohibition Parties.

Evans & Peel Pharmacy

The pharmacy is brought to you from the team behind Evans & Peel Detective Agency and it’s located in Cheswick. Give your prescription to the pharmacist who will take you to through the back door to the hidden bar inside. There are tons of “healing” cocktails and tasty plates to share.


Board game fanatics will love Draughts which has over 1,000 board games with three locations—Waterloo, Hackney, and Dalston. Order drinks and snacks while playing Monopoly, Clue, or Trivial Pursuit.

Little Nan’s Bar

Travel back in time to the 1980s with this bar inspired by the owner, Tristan Scutt’s gran. There are two locations—Drepford and Catford. The decor features everything you would expect to find in your gran’s living room including upholstered couches and coffee tables with doilies. The cocktails are super sweet and they even come with those adorable mini umbrellas and of course, there are teapots.