The Cheapest Countries To Study Abroad

Cheap countries to study
Streets of Mexico. Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

Perhaps you’re looking to travel the world, and perhaps you’re trying to get an education. Thankfully, you can do both at the same time! Many colleges offer programs that allow you to study overseas, and many overseas colleges are always excited to have outsiders study with their halls. But let’s be real—living abroad ain’t cheap. So which countries are the least expensive when it comes to studying abroad?


Public universities are free for both Europeans and non-Europeans alike, so right away that’s a good sign for your wallet. They also offer countless English-speaking programs, so it’ll be easy to adapt to the study life over there.


Germany has emerged recently as one of the most popular countries for abroad students, from its low costs to its awesome quality of life. Similar to Norway, all tuition costs at public universities are free, with the exception of Baden-Württemberg. What could be better?


Another awesome country to visit if you’re trying to conserve money is Mexico. Tuition, food, and living costs are low, the culture there is magnificent, and there are many English-speaking courses available. As long as you don’t get too tempted by the amazing party life, you’ll get by financially fairly well.