The Carpathian Mountains Are A Top Wildlife Destination

Carpathian Mountains
Carpathian Mountains. Photo by Jullliia on Unsplash

The Carpathian Mountain ranges stretches across central Europe, taking in countries including Romania, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. At over 1500 miles long, this is the third largest range in Europe, and this wilderness offers a home to some fantastic animals which are hard to spot outside of these mountains. Whichever area of the Carpathians you’re heading for, keep an eye out for these amazing creatures.

Eurasian Lynx

This elusive creature is stunningly beautiful but hard to spot. Head to woodland areas at the mid-range of the mountains (these cats will avoid areas of human settlement at all costs, so you’ll need to be fairly isolated). Like most cats, lynx tend to hunt at dawn and dusk, so if you’re determined to try and spot one it may be worth getting up early and waiting patiently in a likely place. Hiring a wildlife guide will massively increase your chances of seeing one, but the odds are still fairly low.

Brown Bear

Whilst there are bears across many mountain ranges and areas of Europe, the Carpathians boast the highest numbers. Generally, brown bears are relatively relaxed around humans, and there are special wildlife lodges across the mountains from where you can sit and spot bears coming to feed or even sleep in the sun! Again, hiring a wildlife guide will increase your chances of a bear encounter, and ensure that you stay safe if this does happen.

European Wildcat

These small, beautiful cats are now incredibly endangered and, like the lynx, they are also very shy. Some experienced guides may be able to help you in spotting one, but it will require dedication and focus. They tend to hunt at dusk and dawn, and often prefer wooded areas where they have shelter and opportunities to ambush small prey like squirrels and mice.

The Carpathian mountain range extends for hundreds of miles, and is home to some seriously special creatures. If you’re thinking about exploring some of this mountain wilderness, make sure you bring your binoculars in case you get lucky and encounter one of these amazing animals.