The Best U.S. Cities For a Spring Vacation

Great Smoky Mountains. Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

Springtime is approaching ever closer, which means it might be time to consider going on a vacation. America is home to some amazing hotspots that are optimal for this time of year, and here are some of the best places you can check out.

Palm Springs, California

It’ll be a bit toasty there in the springtime, but just the kind of toasty you want. Beautiful hotels and luxurious pools make Palm Springs the perfect place for any vacationer to be during the spring, and your tan will never look better.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you have an affinity for serene forest landscapes, check out the great Smoky Mountains National Park. Located on the crux of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina, it’s among the most famous parks in the world, and it’s perfect for a wholesome family trip.

Oregon Coast

The scenery that you’ll witness on the Oregon coast is the kind that’ll justify any spring vacation. It’s perfect for backpacker types who love epic mountains, rock formations, and beautiful forests.

New York City

It makes sense that New Yorkers would be anxious to leave the city for the wonderful countryside in the spring. But for those who aren’t used to seeing tall buildings? New York City is an excellent spring vacation, with its endless activities and iconic landmarks.