The Best of Shanghai Street Food

When traveling to Shanghai, China you can dine at Michelin-star restaurants or you can take an adventure and search for street food. While exploring any country, it’s important to eat like the locals. Here are the best Shanghai street foods that you won’t want to miss.

Xiao Long Bao

Shanghai’s signature dish, Xiao Long Bao, are delicate soup dumplings and once you have just one, you’ll want more. Out of all the types of dumplings, these are the best ones.

Cong You Bing

Simply scallion pancakes, these differ from western pancakes as they use dough instead of batter. These thick pancakes make a great breakfast or midday snack.

You Tiao

Literally meaning “oil stick”, you tiao tastes like fried doughnuts and they pair so nicely with hot soy milk.

Stinky Tofu

The strong smell and name may put you off from trying this dish, but it’s one of the best street foods Shanghai has. You won’t think tofu is bland after trying stinky tofu which is smothered in sauces.

Tea Eggs

Tea eggs are available practically everywhere including convenience stores, newspaper stands, and in markets. They’re chicken eggs that are hardboiled in a mixture of green tea and soy sauce.