The 3 Best Beach Bags of Summer 2021

Beach bags
Photo by Yaoqi on Unsplash

As we travel around the world this summer, one of the most common places we’ll find ourselves are the various beaches the world has to offer. In these scenarios, there’s nothing better than a beach bag that holds your stuff comfortably, tidily, and with style. Here are a few to help haul your beach essentials.

Steele Waterproof Beach Tote

This is a stylish tote made from water and tear-resistant vinyl-coated nylon material. It’s light in weight and comfortable for you to take on longer trips, and it’s also durable enough to last through several vacations. This bag comes in small and large sizes, and you can select from six colors: red, yellow, true blue, navy, white, and black. It has an embroidered monogram in 25 different colors.

L.L Bean Boat and Tote

This one is made from a durable cotton canvas. It has reinforced handles to carry heavier essentials instead of lugging around several bags. Its flat bottom allows you to keep it upright, with the contents staying in place. You can select between multiple sizes, handle lengths, and colors.

Be Mine Straw Tote

If you want a classic straw bag with a fun design, you should consider the Be Mine Straw Tote. It has a convenient inner lining, a wall pocket, and inch-long straps that make it easy to carry heavy essentials like beach toys.