Tasmania is a Natural Gem

Photo by Sylvia Yang on Unsplash

Did you know that there is an island called Tasmania located to the south of mainland Australia?

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be the only one! Although Tasmania is widely considered to be the most fascinating and beautiful region of the country of Australia, it isn’t well-known by travelers due to its relative isolation and obscurity.

Located 150 miles south of Australia’s southeastern coast, Tasmania is an island that has only 526,700 residents. Instead of large cities, visitors to Tasmania should expect to find natural beauty and some of the most spectacular landscapes that Australia offers.

In fact, nearly half of the land area of Tasmania is protected by Australian law, meaning that it cannot be developed.

Freycinet National Park, located on Tasmania’s east coast, might be the most beautiful of all of these protected areas. It features white sand beaches as well as wild, rugged hills and coastline.

Visitors to Tasmania should also check out Cradle Mountain, located in Tasmania’s central highlands. If you travel to this beautiful park, there is a wide variety of hikes that include the mountain and nearby Dove Lake to survey some of the island’s most picturesque points.

Tasmania is a fantastic option if you’re looking to disconnect, relax, and enjoy nature. Check it out if you can!