Taking Advantage of Traveling in Your Home Country During Corona

Continental Divide Trail, Browning. Photo by Sam Sabri on Unsplash

With most international borders closed and flights hard to come by, many people have found their summer vacations canceled. Although backpacking trips through Europe won’t happen this summer, now is a good time to take advantage of traveling in your home country.

Without international tourists and crowds, almost every destination will be less crowded. This is a unique opportunity to see nature with fewer people—and more natural beauty. Instead of traffic in national parks, you can have better views and see more animals!

In addition to their being fewer crowds, most people traveling will be from the same country or area as you. This could be a unique opportunity to connect with people you normally wouldn’t interact with in your travels and to see different cultures inside your own country. You can learn a lot from people who are similar, yet so different.

Lastly, many people find their own country “boring” or not as cool as traveling internationally. You might not learn a new language, but no matter how small your home country is, there is guaranteed to be a new place to go that you haven’t been to before!