Taking a “Solo Day” During Your Next Group Trip is a Better Idea Than You Might Think

Tourist in Brussels, Belgium
Photo by Hector Martinez on Unsplash

When traveling as a part of a group, people usually feel like they need to be together all the time. But while you should look to spend some quality time with your friends or family, you shouldn’t also miss an opportunity to spend some quality time by yourself. Here is why taking a “solo day” during your next group trip is a better idea than you might think.  

You Can Pursue Your Own Interests

While your travel group probably shares more than a few interests with you, there will likely be some attractions and activities that only you are interested in checking out. If you afford yourself a solo day, you will be able to cross them off the list and don’t feel bad about missing out on them after the trip is over.

You Can Catch a Break

No matter how much you enjoy the company of the people you are traveling with, there is a good chance you will get tired of each other, especially on a longer trip. Solo day allows you to catch a break and enjoy time together more.

You Can Make More Memories

Taking a solo day will allow you to make more memories as a group. You will have stories to share, and maybe your discoveries will prompt other members of the group to follow the lead.