Sunny San Juan is Calling Your Name!

Image via lospichyboys/Instagram

San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a very fascinating and beautiful city. Technically part of the US, this city provides you with a completely different experience than what you would find anywhere in the mainland of the US. San Juan runs of what they call “island time”, which means things just run at a slower, more relaxed pace, perfect for people who seriously need to relax. Unfortunately, because of Hurricane Maria, there has been damage to the different parts of the island, but there’s no better way to help rebuild it than by going and participating in the local economy. So if you’re ready to kick back and relax, San Juan is waiting for you. 

What to Do

Puerto Rico is obviously an island, and there are some incredible beaches all around. Although some beaches have been affected by the hurricane, many such as Isla Verde Beach are still beautiful and ready for visitors. Just a 20-minute drive or 1-hour bus ride from San Juan, the stunning turquoise water and the sandy white beach is the perfect getaway. Another great beach to check out that is right in San Juan is called Condado Beach, and has been fully recouped since the hurricane.

San Juan also hosts the Bacardi rum factory, which is one of the biggest rum distilleries in the world! There you can take a tour of the factory to see how the rum is produced and sample some of the many flavors that are produced there. 

Speaking of rum, if you like pina coladas, you have to make it a point to drink a few while you’re in San Juan! A little-known fact about the drink is that it was actually created in San Juan at some point in the 1950s. The restaurant that is credited with the invention of the drink is a joint called Barrachina, but you can also take pina colada tours around San Juan and taste your way around the city.

Another tidbit about San Juan that seems to be not well known is that just 30 minutes away is the only rainforest to be a part of the US National Forest System called El Yunque National Forest. You can either choose to do one of the many trails that lead to beautiful peaks, waterfalls and swimming holes or simply drive up to the top on the windy roads. 

Where and What to Eat

One of the most famous Puerto Rican foods is called mofongo, which is a plantain dish. They pick the plantains, fry them, and then mash them and normally serve them in a little dome. You will often find this on menus at local restaurants and are a must-try item.

A place that serves up international twists on Puerto Rican food is a restaurant Cocina Abierto. The menu changes every week and is presented in 5 acts rather than courses. The dishes are inventive, utilize seasonal local produce as well as lots of delicious fresh fish and seafood. The best is that it is actually a very affordable menu with good size portions.