Summer 2021’s Top Travel Trend is Visiting Family

family vacation
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

With people around the country getting vaccinated, mask restrictions easing up, and businesses opening back up, things are starting to feel normal again, and it looks like Summer 2021 will see the return of traveling. International travel and beach vacations will continue to be popular, but family vacations are shaping up to be the top travel trend this summer.

The Reason For It

From the looks of things, people are planning shorter trips and domestic vacations centered around visiting family. Which makes sense, as over the past year and a bit, it’s been hard to connect with family that live far away and to travel with family. With things opening back up, family vacations and family reunions are expected to become even more popular and it’s what people are most looking forward to.

Together Again

Summer 2021 will be “the season of family reunions” according to Travelocity. Over the coronavirus pandemic, people have missed reconnecting with family. According to a survey from the site, the most common vacation plans this summer are visiting family, hitting the beach, taking a road trip, sneaking in a weekend getaway, and an international trip. People were more excited about visiting family than booking a beach or international vacation.