Sugar Farms With Great Restaurants in Eastern Canada

Maple syrup in Montreal, Quebec.
Maple syrup in Montreal, Quebec. Photo by Eduardo Vázquez on Unsplash

Fall and winter bring around the harvest of one of the yummiest cold-weather ingredients: maple. Maple is tapped from trees at sugar farms and is especially good in Canada and the northeastern U.S. You can visit sugar farms and try their freshly-tapped syrup, but even better is to go to one with a restaurant and eat the fresh syrup in or on food! Here are some great sugar farms in Canada that you can visit.

Sugar Moon Farm, Nova Scotia

On the island of Nova Scotia lies Sugar Moon Farm, which has a phenomenal restaurant using plenty of local ingredients and coffee, and of course, lots of their own maple syrup. They have group menus, brunch, takeout, and even an intimate after-hours dinner.

Temple’s Sugar Bush, Ontario

Not only does Temple’s include a beautiful old-fashioned venue for resting and eating at their pancake house, but they also host weddings! Their pancake house has a full breakfast menu where you can enjoy the local syrup and the lovely forest, and you can keep them in mind for your next big event.

La Tablee Des Pionniers, Quebec

As the brainchild of a local celebrity chef, this sugar farm restaurant is a whole dining experience with several-course meals all heavily featuring maple. It’s a bit fancier (so slightly pricy, but not crazy) than the more diner-esque restaurants of most sugar farms, so it’s a great option for a nice evening out on a special occasion. You may have to google-translate the menu from French, though!