Stretches You Can Do on an Airplane

Plane stretching
Photo by on Unsplash

If you’ve ever taken a long haul flight, or even a relatively short one, you know how physically uncomfortable you get on an airplane, with your legs cramped, your body squished from either side, and your muscles aching from not being able to move for hours. But there’s one easy solution to this problem that most people don’t even think about, as obvious as it is: stretching. Yes, it’s totally possible to stretch in a little airplane seat. Here’s how.

Spinal Twists

The stretch that will give you the absolute most bang for your buck in your airplane seat is a spinal twist. Just twist your torso to one side, using your hand against your thigh to give you leverage, then switching directions. Your spine will love you for it.

Neck and Shoulder Rolls

A simple one that is still very effective? Rolls. Just roll out your neck and shoulders, taking your shoulders both backward and forward and your neck to the right and left, doing first half-circles and then full circles. Breathe. Enjoy. This one feels nice.

Overhead Reach

Your last stretch is a little bit more likely to raise eyebrows, but it’s worth doing. Just raise your arms over your head, stretching them as far as they can go. You can also lean a little to either side, provided you won’t get in the way of your seatmates. Pro tip: don’t do this one if your armpits stink.