Stop Sunburn From Ruining Your Vacation With These Tips

Man with head halfway in water
Lake Havasu, United States. Photo by Marwan Abdalah on Unsplash

While sunbathing on a golden beach and unwinding from the pressures of daily life may feel great at the time, getting sunburned can soon turn your vacation into a nightmare. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, you can overcome your pain and prevent it from dampening your much-deserved getaway. Here’s how you can stop sunburn from ruining your vacation.

Soothing the Burn

The moment you realize you’ve been burned, get out of the sun as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Make sure to apply an aloe-based cream to soothe and cool your skin. If you do have any blisters, avoid popping them as this can cause further irritation and potential scarring.

How to Prevent Peeling

Depending on the severity of your sunburn, your skin may start to peel soon after. Avoid using exfoliators as this will only intensify the peeling. Rather, focus on rehydrating your skin. Apply a moisturizer you enjoy using, particularly one with DNA repair enzymes, as this will be sure to prevent any further drying out or peeling.

After the Burn

Even as your burn starts to heal, it’s important to take proper care of the affected area for the rest of your trip. make sure to keep the burnt area covered and seek out shade when you can. Also, wearing a hat with sunglasses is also a good idea. If your skin ever feels irritated, consider using coconut oil to soothe it as this can be highly effective.