Stay Safe On Your Trip to South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa. Photo by John O'Nolan on Unsplash

South Africa is an amazing country, rich in unique nature, wildlife, and complex history. While this is a great destination for a trip, it is important to keep safety measures as certain parts of the country are still considered dangerous for travelers.


Due to the long travel distances and the long time you will spend in the car, it is advisable to rent a relatively large and safe vehicle. Even if you have GPS, it is important that you carefully examine the route before you set off, especially in the east of the country. The GPS may take you through side roads, dirt roads, and roads that are not suitable for a regular vehicle. Avoid driving at night as much as possible, especially on unlit side roads, where wildlife often roams. 


It is advisable to avoid walking outside in the dark, especially in cities where crime rates are high such as Johannesburg. Avoid carrying a lot of money and valuables with you as much as possible. Keep your cell phone and other valuables in an inner pocket. 

It is important to be careful and vigilant when withdrawing money from ATMs, and it is better to carry side bags rather than backpacks.