Stay Dry with These Travel Accessories

Spring, the rainiest season in much of the Northern Hemisphere, is now upon us. While many of us plan vacations in spring to coincide with holidays like Spring Break, it can be a risky proposition due to Mother Nature’s propensity to drop precipitation on us in these months.

If you are going to be traveling this spring, here are three essential accessories that will help keep you dry while exploring.

Travel-Sized Umbrella

An umbrella is key for staying dry, but it can be hard to find one that is portable enough to fit into luggage and be taken on vacation. A miniature, travel-sized umbrella is a must-have option that does a good job of keeping the rain off of you.

Quality Rain Jacket

The disadvantage to the previously-mentioned type of umbrella is that they sometimes aren’t quite big enough to offer total protection on windy and rainy days. For this, you’ll want to bring a quality rain jacket with you that will keep water out from your inner layers of clothing and body.

Water-Proof Shoes

Nothing is worse than ending up with cold, wet feed during a rainy day of city exploring due to a subpar pair of shoes. Water-proof shoes of every style are now available, and it’s a good idea to bring at least one pair along with you while traveling.