Skiing in Africa? It’s Possible in Lesotho

The African country of Lesotho, enclosed completely in a mountainous area within the borders of South Africa, is one of the most underrated and underappreciated gems of the African continent.

While it only has 2 million residents and not a lot of cities or towns to see, its mountain attractions attract climbers and adventure seekers who have been lucky enough to discover this small kingdom.

Only two ski resorts exist in all of Africa, and arguably the best one is Afriski in Lesotho. Containing a top elevation of 10,571 feet and a vertical drop of over 1,000 feet to its base, skiers will have a great time shredding the slopes at an unlikely place at this resort.

In the Southern Hemisphere’s winter is the Afriski season, which lasts from early June until late August most years. During these precious months of the year, various slopes on the open are there for shredding thanks to the region’s cold climate, occasional snowfall, and snowmaking machines.

Not only will you find the experience of skiing or snowboarding in Africa a thrilling possibility in and of itself, but you’ll also find other experiences in these mountains such as mountain biking and hiking.

There is truly no way for anyone to be bored at Afriski.

So, if you find yourself looking for a unique thing to do during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter or the Northern Hemisphere’s hot summer, why not plan a trip to go skiing in Lesotho?