Should You Join Organized Pub Crawl While Exploring a New City?

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

Pub crawls are extremely popular with young tourists, who enjoy exploring nightlife of every new city they travel to. If you fall under this category, here’s a couple of things you should know before joining one or plotting your own.

Organized Pub Crawls

One of the first things that staff at your hostel is going to tell you is that they’re organizing pub crawls for their guests. If you don’t want to go exploring on your own, joining one could be a good idea, especially since guides have insider knowledge.

The main downside of these pub crawls is you usually have to pay them, even if the admission to the pubs is free. There’s also no guarantee you’ll get to visit every place you were planning to check out, especially if this is the only night you have to explore city’s nightlife.

Flying Solo

Joining an organized pub crawl is always a safer option, but if you already have experience going on pub crawls on your own and aren’t planning to do much drinking, flying solo is also an option.

It doesn’t come with any extra costs, especially if you do all the research beforehand and figure out which pubs you want to hit. Not being a part of an organized crawl doesn’t necessarily mean going alone, especially if you’re there with friends.