Shanghai’s Best Kept Secrets Only Locals Know About

Shanghai, China at night
Shanghai, China. Photo by Cevool on Unsplash

Shanghai is China’s biggest city and its most known attractions are the Bund, a waterfront promenade lined with colonial-era buildings, and the cities skyscrapers which include the Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. But besides these touristy sites, the city has so much waiting to be explored. Here are three of Shanghai’s best-kept secrets that only locals know about.

Shanghai Marriage Market

Not too long ago, all marriages in China were arranged and this market held at People’s Park remains. Every weekend from 12-5 PM, parents line up marriage resumes of their children attached to umbrellas, including their salary and property ownership. You can watch what’s happening or take part in it, just be respectful.

Nine Dragon Pillar

Located at the intersection of Shanghai’s two busiest highways is a glittering pillar adorned with dragons. It’s easy to walk by without taking a second look, but legend has it that the ground at the point of the pillar was so hard to dig that construction workers visited a Buddhist priest for guidance. The priest told the workers there was a dragon’s lair beneath it and it wouldn’t move until they honored it. If anything, this pillar makes for a great Instagram photo and story.

West Bund

The best alternative to the congested Bund, West Bund was once an industrial area, but now there are tons of art museums and galleries including Long Museum and Yuz Museum.