Savor the City and Nature in Quito, Ecuador

Photo by Huib Scholten on Unsplash

Quito is the capital of the beautiful country, Ecuador. Most famous for having the Galapagos Island, Quito boasts an amazing cultural scene as well as buildings from all different influences, such as the Moors, the Europeans, as well as their own indigenous groups. Located within the Andes, Quito is a city that is surrounded by natural beauty, and as a tourist, you couldn’t ask for a better blend of natural and urban activities and sites.

What to Do

One of the more famous reasons why people come to Quito is because it is right on the equator, which is actually where the country gets its name. A little bit outside the city center you can visit the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo or the Middle of the World City which has a monument erected for its location, and you can actually be on both sides of the equator at the same time!

If you want to get into the nature of Quito, take a hike up the volcano Pichincha. Although there are many trails that start from where the sky rail, or Teleferico ends, you can also just take the rail up and look at the beautiful views from the dormant volcano.

Within the Old Town of Quito, you can also get amazing views by climbing up the Basilica. What is interesting about the building is that the gargoyles are carved into the shapes of indigenous animals found on the Galapagos Islands.

Carolina Park is the largest park in the city and has tons of activities to do for people of all ages. There is paddle boating, pick up games of soccer, and different places to visit like a reptile house, the botanical gardens, an airplane turned playground and more!

Nightlife and Food

If you’re looking to have a wild night of dancing and clubs, go to Plaza Foch. There you will find tons of bars, clubs, places to eat, and lots of energy. However, be careful if you’re traveling alone as it can get a bit rowdy.

La Floresta is a hipster neighborhood in Quito that has been serving the needs of artists for the past 20 years. In this neighborhood you can find the jazz club called El Pobre Diablo, which is probably the most famous one in the city. If you walk around you will also find breweries, coffee shops, and great restaurants.

Ceviche, a dish made up of raw seafood, citrus, and some incredibly delicious and powerful seasonings, is the national dish of Ecuador. So if you’re a seafood lover or want to become one, head over to El Esmereldas for an array of amazing ceviches, along with outrageous classics like fried yuca.

If you are craving some street food that is salty and really satisfying, try salchipapas, a dish that is essentially french fries with sliced hot dogs served on top. This is a typical Ecuadorian snack, and you can get it them from street vendors and are served with mayo, ketchup, or numerous different salsas.