Sao Paolo is a City You Want to Savor

Sao Paolo, Brazil is not the capital of Brazil, but it is the largest city in the country as well as all of South America. With the population being over 12 million, it is twice as large as New York City in square miles. Since the city is so large, it can feel difficult to find a way to do everything you want. But, here are some of the most important sites you have to do while you’re visiting this entrancing city.

What to Do

There’s a lot of traffic in Sao Paolo, so it’s nice to find a place where you can spend a good amount of your day so you don’t have to be running around. Paulista Avenue is a great place to start because it has a lot of sites to see. There are lots of interesting shops of all kinds on this street, as well as MASP, the Museum of Art of Sao Paolo. The architecture of the museum is modern and very interesting, and inside you can find some of the most well renowned Latin American artists.

About an hour walk away from Paulista Avenue is the Pinacoteca, which was the first art museum ever to be erected in the city. It’s housed in a 19th century building that is has a beautiful atrium on the inside.

Just around the corner from the Pinacoteca is the Museum of Sacred Art, which is worthwhile to see while you’re in the neighborhood. The building is part of a monastery that was built in the 18th century, and it displays amazing holy and sacred art created in Brazil.

The Sao Paolo Cathedral is another can’t miss site in the city. There have been many version of the cathedral, but the first was built in the late 16th century just as the city was emerging. The cathedral is completely ornate and is worth getting on a tour while you’re there so you can also see the crypt underneath.

What to Eat

You can’ t go to Brazil and not eat and drink like a king. There is such a broad range of food in Sao Paolo that you’ll have a hard time picking just one restaurant for each meal. If you want a really impactful experience of Brazilian food, go to D.O.M., owned by chef Alex Atala. The chef uses only indigenous food to Brazil to create his perfectly crafted dishes.

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One of the foods best known in Brazil is feijoada, a black bean stew that is simple, but is packed with flavor from all sorts of meats that goes into it. Served simply with rice and you couldn’t ask for a better meal. One of the best places to go for it is Bolinha Restaurant where it is the most popular dish.

Pao de queijo, or cheese bread, is another famous Brazilian staple. You can find them in almost every pastry shop in the city, but the best place to get them is Pao de Queijo Haddock Lobo.