Safe and Affordable Travel Options You Should Consider in 2021

Photo by Tim Swaan on Unsplash

Passionate travelers hoped they’ll finally be able to go back to exploring the world without a worry in sight in 2021, but that seems unlikely at this point in time. Traveling abroad is still a risky business, but that shouldn’t stop you from hitting the road and exploring alternative options.


Staycations experienced a huge boom in 2020, and they’re not going anywhere. Exploring your home country is still the safest and most affordable option right now since you can do it without paying for testing or quarantining in a foreign country.

Exploring Nature

If you’re thinking about traveling abroad, you should consider exploring the natural wonders it has in store. You’ll be constantly surrounded by fresh air and have a much easier time keeping a safe distance because there won’t be too many people around you.

Avoiding Touristy Spots

Now’s a better time than ever to find hidden gems off the beaten track, instead of visiting over-crowded touristy cities. Paris, Rome, and New York can wait, but if you decide to visit them, try to avoid major holidays and consider staying inside during peak hours.