Ride-Sharing Apps You Can Use For Long Distance Trips

Photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash

You’ve probably heard of Uber and Lyft, but did you know there are similar apps you can use for your long-distance trips. If you’re looking for a faster alternative to train and bus, but can’t afford to fly, here’s a couple of apps you should keep in mind.


BlaBlaCar is the most popular app of this kind in Europe, but it’s also available in a couple of countries in Asia and South America. It connects drivers with passengers going to the same destination, and it allows them to share the cost of the trip.


Just like BlaBlaCar, this app allows drivers to offer available space in their cars to fellow travelers who are going in the same direction at the same time.


Amovens is the leading ridesharing company in Spain, and this service works the same way as it does with BlaBlaCar. This app also offers a couple of other options to travelers, including car rentals and car leasing.

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