Residents of an Insta-Famous Street in Paris Want to Ban Instagrammers

Image by Vania Wolf/Flickr

When we see pretty travel photos on Instagram, we rarely think about behind-the-scenes, or what’s going on in the background aside from that one second when the photo was taken. The residents of one street in Paris know the struggle too well.

The people who live in the Rue Crémieux, one of the most colorful streets in the city, have difficulties living in peace with all the people who want to take a photo next to their homes.

As they say, they have been having problems for the past four years. And when we searched for #ruecremieux on Instagram, we found nearly 35,000 photos with this tag. That must be really exhausting if you actually live there!

The residents also know what it’s like to have a music video filmed right in front of your dining room window. We must admit it doesn’t sound so pleasant. They hope to have gates installed at the ends of their street which will help control the crowd.