Portofino: the Beauty Of Italy Gathered In a Single Town

When you think of Italy, usually the first thing that pops in your head is pizza, pasta, maybe Rome or Venice, although we’re sure that deep down you know that Italy is so much more than that and today we will show you just how awesome this beautiful Mediterranean country is, and not just in the big cities!  

Portofino is a magical, tiny town just outside Genoa. Because it’s close to Genoa, it means that the first thing you see when you enter the town is the Adriatic Sea.  

The entire town is so small that people had to build their houses around the sea and up in the mountains. The buildings are all brightly colored summer houses and they add to the charm of the town. 

The port in Portofino is a summer home to some of the famous people in the world and they choose to park their yachts there for a reason – the entire place is breath-taking! The hotels, the shops, and the restaurants in Portofino are fit to host royalty and quite often, they do.

Going to Portofino can be a luxury, but the beautiful views, the welcoming locals, and the glass of chilled white wine or Aperol Spritz in the evening by the beautiful sound of the waves might be just what the doctor ordered.