Popular Street Food You Must Try in Seoul

Seoul. Photo by Zequn Gui on Unsplash

Discovering South Korea’s vibrant culinary scene is one of the pleasures of visiting this charming country. Its capital city, Seoul, is a paradise for every foodie who is looking forward to tasting delicious Korean street foods, and here are some of the best that must be on your list.


Tteokbokki is one of the most popular foods in Korea and these are actually rice cakes seasoned with spicy chili paste. To taste the best Tteokbokki in Korea, make sure to visit Tteokbokki Town in the Sindang neighborhood in Seoul.


Hotteok is a Korean stuffed pancake, and they’re traditionally stuffed with cinnamon and brown sugar but you can also eat them with savory filling like veggies or kimchi.


Odeng is a fish cake served on a skewer with broth and it’s so popular in Korea that you’ll find it literally everywhere from food stalls to supermarkets and malls.


Gyeranppang is another tasty food that everyone must try when visiting Korea and you can get it in every food stall. This is a small round bread topped with egg and sometimes even cheese and bacon, it’s both sweet and savory and super fluffy.