Popeye Village is One of Malta’s Quirkiest Attractions

Malta is one of Europe’s most beautiful island countries and tiny wonders are scattered all around it. One of the most spectacular ones is Popeye Village, a lively family attraction that comes with an incredible backstory.

Located on the shores of Anchor Bay, this village once served as the set of 1980 live-action musical Popeye, starring Robin Williams. It’s been four decades since this project was filmed, but the rustic wooden buildings built for that purpose still remain in Malta, largely intact.

The set of Popeye is still around and it’s been converted into one of the prime tourist attractions on this tiny island. Popeye Village is especially popular with families visiting Malta due to its kid-friendly nature, live shows with performers dressed as Popeye and Olive Oyl, and many exciting rides and playhouses they can explore.

Due to Malta’s small size, Popeye Village can be easily accessed by bus or car from other parts of the city, and there are even a drop-off service and organized tours. Entrance fees vary depending on the season, and Popeye Village is usually open every day between 9:30 and 17:30, with the exception of the winter period between November and March when it closes one hour earlier.