Planning Your Honeymoon? Here’s How to Save Money on Your Dream Vacation

Honeymoon on a budget
Photo by Asad from Pexels

After spending tons of money on your wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is having enough to splurge on your honeymoon. While your first vacation as newlyweds is supposed to be exciting, the financial stress can make it overwhelming. But with these tips, you can plan the honeymoon of your dreams that won’t cost you a fortune.

Book Early

Booking early is one of the best ways to save money. By booking your trip six to nine months in advance, you’ll save on airfare because major airlines get more expensive the closer you book to the date.

Look for Deals

Package deals on your flight and hotel and all-inclusive resorts and cruises are great ways to save money on your honeymoon. Another way to cut costs is to travel during the shoulder season, which varies from location to location.

Use Wedding Gifts

Use some of the cash you get from your wedding gifts towards the honeymoon or set up a honeymoon registry on sites like, which allows guests to fund honeymoon expenses or activities.

Use Rewards

Credit card rewards can be used towards travel expenses like hotels and airfare, so sign up for a credit card that has good rewards about a year before you start planning your honeymoon. You can also get rewards from hotels, airlines, and rental car companies that often have loyalty clubs that offer perks to members.