Pittsburg Has a Bookstore That Goes Beyond Just Books

When you go to a new city, it’s always cool to check out the local independent bookstore. It’s the place where you find out what’s happening in the new community, cool events they are putting on, and more. And if you’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can have an extra treat by going to a bookstore that does more good than just sell books.

City of Asylum Bookstore is a bookstore and an organization that supports local and international artists so that their voices get heard. Some of these artists have been physically exiled from their homes, while others write in dying languages or have other circumstances which make it hard for them to have a place where they can root themselves.

City of Asylum Bookstore has tons of wonderful world literature as well as a large amount of translated works, and the best part is that all of their sales go right back into the organization so they can put on programming and support writers, artists, and musicians who rely on them. So if you happen to be in Pittsburgh and you want to go to a place that really makes a difference in the artistic community, City of Asylum Bookstore is the place to go.