People Hilariously Recreate Travel Photos at Home

For many of us, traveling is impossible right now. Nobody knows when the COVID-19 crisis will pass, but the fact is that we’re spending this summer in the living room is quite definite. The lucky ones who live in houses also have yards, but not many people will go on actual vacations.

The latest online challenge proves that humor is the best medicine. It started when a Lithuanian traveler and writer, Liudas Dapkus, who posted a photo on his Facebook account inviting people to “choose the best /interesting/ funny/most original travel photo (finally a great opportunity to fix those photos!)”

People started responding and now there’s a collection of hundreds of hilarious photos on Facebook and Instagram. At first, his followers responded to him in the comments on the original post, but then the idea spread, and many people did their own versions.

You can see some of the best results below. Let’s all have a laugh together in the hope that we’ll soon be able to travel again!

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