Paraguayan Dishes That Offer Extraordinary Taste

Chipá. Photo by MKPK/Depositphotos

There aren’t lots of people who are familiar with Paraguayan cuisine, but those who do, strongly recommend trying at least one traditional dish. So, if you ever find yourself in Paraguay, here are some foods that you might like to try. 


In the simplest way possible, Chipá is a bread roll made from eggs, cheese and Cassava. There are many variations, like chipá guazú that’s more like a cake with corn, milk and cheese served with Asado. Nevertheless, you can find almost every variation at any street food stall.  


Tererѐ represents a herbal tea that is also known as yerba mate and is usually brewed in cold water. It’s a significant part of Paraguayan culture and you’ll notice that almost every person consumes this drink. 


Mbejú, which means cake in Guarani, is a cake-like dish that’s made from crumbled cheese, eggs, pork fat, milk, and mandioca flour, and afterward, it’s fried in hot oil. It became popular around the 1800s, and today it’s still one of the favorite dishes served with coffee or tea. 


Made out of pumpkin and cornflour, milk, sugar and cheese, this popular breakfast dish will charm you with its creamy texture.