New Zealand’s Geothermal and Volcanic Wonders

Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash

New Zealand is one of the most spectacular volcanic landscapes in the world, consisting of two main islands that were formed as a direct result of volcanic activity at the border of the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates.

On the North Island of New Zealand, one can visit numerous sites to see this phenomenon in action. One of the highlights of the island is Craters of the Moon, which is truly reminiscent of a lunar landscape with steaming pools of water and an unforgettable sulfuric odor.

The Orakei Korako site in the North Island is also notable for its high level of geothermal activity. The hot springs here were once used by the native Māori population for cooking and for bathing in its medicinal waters. Caves and waterfalls are other features of this unforgettable park.

More wonders await on New Zealand’s larger South Island. The Dunedin Volcano’s last eruption was over 10 million years ago, but it has left the landscape surrounding it with an indelible mark due to its presence.  Otago Harbour’0s Quarantine Island is what was once the peak of the volcano.

Finally, the Hammer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa is a way to truly immerse oneself in the geothermal wonders of the South Island. Nothing sounds better than relaxing and soaking in (literally!) the healing properties of the water in this fantastic setting.