Most Vegetarian-Friendly Cities in the World

Unter Ulmern Food Market in Ulm, Germany
Ulm, Germany. Photo by Nataniel Susantoputra on Unsplash

Ever wonder where on this big, beautiful planet you can travel without having to play “find the veggie option” at every meal? Good news: the world’s culinary landscape is greener than ever, especially for us vegetarians! Here are a few of our favorite vegetarian-friendly destinations. 

Portland, Oregon, USA

Known for its progressive and eco-conscious vibe, Portland tops the list of vegetarian-friendly cities. The city has an impressive array of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, food trucks, and cafes, serving everything from innovative plant-based dishes to classic comfort foods without meat. To get a full scoop, consider visiting during the annual Portland VegFest.

Chennai, India

With vegetarianism deeply rooted in its culture and religion, India is home to numerous vegetarian-friendly cities. But Chennai leads the way. This coastal city offers a rich array of South Indian vegetarian delicacies, from dosas and idlis to sambhar and rasam, in both street-side eateries and upscale restaurants. 

Berlin, Germany

Once known for its meat-heavy cuisine, Berlin has transformed into a vegetarian paradise, with a growing number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants dotting the city. You’ll find everything from casual vegan kebabs and burgers to gourmet plant-based dining experiences. Berlin caters to every taste and budget.