Moldova is a Wine Destination You Need to Know About

Photo by Alex Kalinin on Unsplash

The small Eastern European country and former Soviet republic, Moldova is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination among wine connoisseurs.

It’s only a matter of time before Moldova’s wines become well known as the best money can buy, so maybe it’s time to visit the country before everyone else do.

The country is located between Romania and Ukraine and is infamous for being the poorest and third-least visited country in Europe. This is not necessarily bad news if you’re a tourist – it means that everything is cheap and that there’s no crowd in sight.

There are four wine regions in Moldova: Condru, Valul lui Traian, Stefan Voda, and Balti. Due to the small differences in climate and soil among them, they offer a broad selection of fine wines. The country produces over 125 million liters of wine each year and tends to increase the amount.

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Winemaking in Moldova actually has a long history. “The earliest grape vines grew 9,000 years ago, and archeologists believe early inhabitants of the region brewed wine at least 5,000 years ago,” writes Matador Network.

If you can, plan your visit for the first week in October, when the country celebrates National Wine Day in the middle of the grape harvest season.