Maxime Senior Will Inspire You to Discover the Magic of Mexico

Boats in Xochimilco, Mexico
Xochimilco, Mexico. Photo by Julieta Julieta on Unsplash

Travel influencer Maxime Senior has visited 40 countries so far, but when you look at her Instagram page—it’s not hard to guess which one’s her favorite. Senior fell in love with Mexico as soon as she stepped foot in this country, and she decided to spend the next three years exploring it.

Senior is the mastermind behind the Instagram and TikTok page Exploraddict, with a joint following of 50,000 people. She’s been dreaming about being a full-time traveler and living out of a suitcase for quite some time before leaving her 9-5 corporate life in New York City after 10 years to make it happen.

Senior explored 40 countries on her journey, but she finally felt like she had found what she was looking for once she arrived in Mexico.

“I came here for a one-month trip but then completely fell in love with everything about this incredible country and haven’t been able to get myself to leave… I focus on “slow travel” in order to deeply connect with the country, its people, and culture,” she explains on her website.

Senior spent most of her time in Oaxaca, but we’ve seen her explore pretty much every corner of Mexico. She learned so much about this country during her journey that she’s now helping other people plan their perfect Mexican adventure.