Martha’s Vineyard is Special Sliver of New England You Have to Experience

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Martha’s Vineyard is an island off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Though it’s an island and does, of course, have beaches, it’s well known for its thriving nature that can be enjoyed in so many ways. There are so many special reasons why Martha’s Vineyard is unlike any other place in the US, and if you want to see a different side of New England, you should really hop on over for a visit.

How to Get There

There are several ways you can get to the island depending on where you are. From New York, you can take a ferry that is about 5 hours long, which is pretty decent. If you’re already at Cape Cod, you can take a ferry that only lasts about 30-45 minutes, which is super convenient. The last of the better options is to take a flight from Boston which only takes 30-45 minutes, and depending what airline you go with, you can get onto an adorable Cessna plane!

What to Do

Though there are many beaches on the island, a lot of them are part of preserved land so they are a bit more exclusive for residents. Luckily, some of the best ones are actually on nearby islands.

Chappaquiddick Island is an amazing abandoned beach and that’s basically all it is. There’s only one store so make sure to bring your own food, but it’s easy to get to from the main island via the 92 ferry.

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If you’re a water person but want to experience more than just swimming, you should take advantage of the boat rentals! You can rent sailboats, kayaks, and more all across the island, so wherever you’re staying you’ll never be too far from a place to rent boats.

If you want to get into an even more zen space when you’re on the island, head over to the Yoga Barn, where you can practice all different types of yoga and bodywork in a beautiful natural setting that will put your mind right at ease.

All across the island, there are tons of farms to check out with activities for the whole family. One farm, in particular, that is special is called Grey Barn, which is a farm and creamery! Throughout the week there are tons of different things to do, from kid programs, farm walks, and delicious cheese tastings that you can’t afford to lose out on.

What to Eat

Since you’re in New England, you have to experience a lobster roll at least once. Your best option on the island is actually very unconventional, but completely delicious. Grace Church Parish sells lobster rolls only once a week on Fridays, and you’ll regret it if you don’t get these monstrous and delicious rolls.

No trip to the island would be complete without some ice cream for dessert, and once you taste the ice cream at Vineyard Scoops, you’ll be hooked. While you have your standard flavors, this ice cream shop is always mixing it up with different colored and flavored cones, and other exciting twists!