Make Time to Visit These Tokyo Bookstores

If there is any city on Earth where you will never run out of fascinating things to do and places to see, Tokyo is probably it. The capital and largest city in Japan is a delight for tourists who never get bored.

Tokyo has a nice bookstore scene, and if you’ve ever wanted to experience the unique culture of Japanese bookstores, Tokyo offers several unique places to visit. Here are some of the highlights.

Tsutaya Ginza Book Store

Commonly known as the best art bookstore in the world, Tsutaya Ginza is located in the luxury Ginza 6 shopping mall and has an unmistakable look that you’ll never forget. Temporary art exhibitions are usually on display here too, making it the ultimate destination for art book lovers.

B&B (Book & Beer)

We can’t think of many better combinations than books and beer, and Tokyo’s B&B in the Setagaya City neighborhood brings this pairing to life. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of books in the Japanese language along with a bar in the corner where you can sample a selection of rotating brews.

Kitazawa Bookstore

Kitazawa is one of Tokyo’s best second-hand bookshops. English language literature is on display here in a jammed shop which is both cozy and economical. Hop off at Jimbocho Station on the Z, S, or I lines and take a gander at the unbeatable selection here.