Madrid Has Become a Top Layover Spot

Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

In recent years, Madrid has become a top tourist destination. Not only in the usual travel sense, where people book a round trip vacation to the city, but also as a great place to spend a couple of days as a layover.

When flying to or from North America, Madrid is probably on the way, or not too far off. Airlines have realized this and started advertising cheaper flights through the big Madrid airport, with an option for a layover. Here’s why it is worth it to check out this great city on the way to your next destination in Europe or farther east.

To begin with, the airport is conveniently located not far from the center of the city, and with an easy train and subway, you can make it to the heart of the city in no time. Madrid is known for its food and drink and you will have no trouble finding a great, local restaurant that serves Spain’s famous Tapas.

This capital city is also famous for its art museums and parks. The Prado and the Reina Sofia are the two most famous museums, with works from Goya, El Greco, and Picasso, to name a few of the famous artists whose works are displayed here. Retiro Park is the most well known in Madrid, and you can take a stroll through this beautiful, well-built park in the center of the city, and even rent a boat here for a couple of hours.

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Madrid is not on the ocean like Barcelona or Valencia, and it may not be the most visited city in Europe, but there is plenty to see, eat, and experience in this historic capital. Next time you are booking a flight to or from Europe check out this great layover option!