Love Lord of the Rings? Here are 3 Places to Live Like a Hobbit in England

If you love Lord of the Rings, who doesn’t want to live like a Hobbit for a week? Now you can do just that with these luxury hobbit holes free for booking today.

West Stow Pods, Suffolk

This prime glamping spot in Suffolk will have you living the quaint and cozy life of a hobbit. Fully equipped with all the modern luxuries, this will be a treat for all the family. You can book here.

North Shire, Yorkshire

Located up in the north of England, this bright and colorful rainbow hobbit hole will give you everything you need to feel like your living in a fairy-tale. Built on the invigorating wide open planes of the Yorkshire Mores, this beautiful hobbit house and sleep up to 6 guests! You can find more details here.

Guilden Gate, Cambridgeshire

Found within the grounds of a real fresh English farm and coppiced woodland, this luxury option is a mix between the quaint style of the hobbit house and a 5 star hotel. Equipped with a swimming pool and atmospheric lighting, this is perfect for fun-loving families or friends.