Lisbon, Portugal is Heaven on Earth for Brunch Lovers

Lisbon brunch spots
Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Iulia Topan on Unsplash

Passionate foodies visiting Lisbon will never run out of amazing cafés and restaurants to check out, especially the ones who love brunch. The capital of Portugal is home to countless brunch options that you can explore during your visit, and these three are a good place to start.


Zenith is a popular brunch chain with restaurants all across the Iberian Peninsula and it goes without saying it has a location in Lisbon. This brunch spot is best known for its amazing cocktails, but its pancakes, French toast, and bagles will impress you even more.


Nicolau is another popular brunch chain with several locations in Lisbon and other Portuguese cities. In addition to its main Nicolau location, you should also check out its sister cafés Amelia and Basílio, which offer a pretty similar and equally healthy and delicious brunch menu.

Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora will rock your world with its greenery-filled interior before you even taste any food, and things only get better from there. Its pancakes, toasts, smoothie bowls, and other brunch essentials are truly top of the line, and you can try them on two different locations.