Lake Nakuru in Kenya is a Paradise for Bird Lovers

Flamingo in lake Nakuru, Kenya. Photo by Anna_Om/Depositphotos

If there is one place in Africa that any bird lover absolutely must visit, it must be Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Located in the Great Rift Valley, this lake is exceptionally shallow, with an average depth of only one foot, but it contains a vast wealth of natural life that makes it a paradise for bird lovers.

One of the main attractions that any visitor to Lake Nakuru is certain to see is flamingos. These bright pink birds are always hanging out on the edge of and in the lake in search of food. It turns out that the shallow water is the perfect place for them to dip their beaks into the water and find algae to eat.

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Flamingos aren’t the only birds that you can find at Lake Nakuru, however. While the docile flamingos at the lake feed on algae, it’s also common to see predatory birds such as cormorants and pelicans diving into the water in search for a fish to eat.

These beautiful animals, in combination with the flamingos, create a fascinating panorama of avian life. Lake Nakuru has been acclaimed as one of the richest environments for large birds on Earth.

If you find yourself traveling in Kenya, be sure to take time to visit Lake Nakuru and marvel at its fascinating bird life.