Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan is Uniquely Beautiful

Kaindy Lake in Tien Shan mountain system; Kazakhstan. Photo by eddykim/Depositphotos

Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia that has many beautiful sites and a great tourist potential that’s yet to be explored. One spot attracts thousands of diving enthusiasts year after year, but also the tourists that want to enjoy incredibly beautiful nature. Lake Kaindy is well hidden and not easily accessible, but the trip is so worth it.

Lake Kaindy is located in the Kungey Alatau Mountains and it has been there for nearly 100 years. The closest village is 9 miles away and the closest city is 80 miles away, which means it’s surrounded by untouched nature. Visiting it requires climbing skills and dedication to walk 9 miles through the forest and rocks.

Given all this, you probably assume the lake must be amazing if so many people go to it every year. The lake was formed after the Kebin earthquake in 1911 that caused a big crack in the Kungey Alatau Mountains. The gap that formed filled with water over time and the water outlived the trees that used to grow there. Today, the lake is filled with extremely cold water and around 100 feet deep. Scroll down to see photos of this surreal place.