Is This The Best Rail Journey In Europe?

Via Domodossola 7M01, Milan, Italy
Via Domodossola 7M01, Milan, Italy. Photo by MANIKYAM Mahi on Unsplash

Europe boasts many stunning railway lines, some of which traverse high mountain passes, valleys and coastal tracks. Lots of them vie for the title of being the best, but this journey between Domodossola in Italy, across the border into Locarno in Switzerland, ticks a lot of boxes. Check out this guide on how to experience this scenic train journey for yourself.

Start At Domodossola

At Domodossola station, head for the underground platform to take the train to Locarno. The line you are taking is called the Vigezzina in Italy and the Centovalli in Switzerland. There are about nine trains a day and the journey—though just over 30 miles—takes over two hours due to the rugged, mountainous scenery. Buy a ticket at Domodossola station or book one in advance online.

Check Out The Stops

There are many stunning options to stop at on this train route, including the tiny station of Marone from where many hiking trails start, the pilgrim spot of Re and the sweet town of Santa Maria Maggiore. Just make sure to check that you have time to enjoy the scenery at the place you’re stopping and get a train on to Locarno.

Enjoy Locarno

Once you’ve enjoyed the sweeping vistas and stunning views from the train, it’s time to disembark in Locarno. It’s definitely worth staying a night or two in this sweet Swiss town, nestled on the shores of the beautiful Lake Maggiore. You can take the funicular railway up the mountainside to catch some panoramic views, or make the hike up and enjoy the Swiss scenery.