Indoor Water Parks You Must Check Out

In almost every part of the globe, there comes a season when it is too cold outside to go swimming. But does that mean that we all have to refrain from the joys of pools and water parks? Of course not! The solution is indoor water parks, and there are some pretty impressive ones around the world. Here are just a few.

Therme: Bucharest, Romania

Therme Bucuresti is actually so much more than just an indoor water park. More of a resort that boasts a water park as one of its features, Therme also offers steam rooms, saunas, mineral jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor pools, pool bars, infrared treatments, and more.

World Waterpark: Edmonton, Alberta

Located inside the West Edmonton Mall, World Waterpark is a massive compound featuring 21 waterslides as well as a zip line and a wave pool. Coolest of all? The near-vertical loop goes up to speeds of 40 miles per hour.

Tropical Islands: Krausnick, Germany

If you’re in the Berlin area, a day trip down 45 miles south to Tropical World indoor water park may be well worth it. True to Germany’s nature, it’s located in a former zeppelin hangar, but the atmosphere is much more, well, tropical these days, with an indoor beach and everything.