If You’re Visiting These Places in the US This Summer, Pack a Sweater!

Traveling to cooler places in the summer is a great way to get away from the heat and humidity of summer, and these places hit that mark perfectly.

San Francisco

Though most of California will be sweltering in the summer, San Francisco is a whole different ball game. Even in July, you’ll find that the temperatures are mostly in the low 70’s, and at night it really gets chilly. However, make sure you still put on sunblock because even though it’s not very warm, the sun can catch you very easily!

New England

States like Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont can have some warm days, but they are known for being pretty chilly and rainy for most of the summer. These states are amazing to visit for gorgeous lakes and hikes through forests, but you will definitely to pack more for the fall and less for summer.


Chicago is the perfect place to be in the summer. There is the beautiful Lake Michigan, so many museums and buildings to look at, and most of the summer will not be hotter than 80 degrees. However, it does get cool at night and when it rains its pretty chilly, so bring a sweater!